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  In Extremo Frei zu sein Universal Music  
  Heinzmann Like a Bullet Universal Music  
  Turbostaat Haubentaucherwelpen WarnerMusic / SSBD  
  Revolverheld Unzertrennlich SonyBMG Germany  
  Dúné Dry Lips SonyBMG Germany  
  Beatsteaks Cut Off the Top WarnerMusic  
  Fertig,los! Ein Geheimnis SonyBMG Germany  
  Vega4 You&Me SonyBMG UK  
  Protocol Love is my drug Polydor UK  
  Winson 45mal pro Minute V2 Germany  
  T.Raumschmiere feat. Sandra Nasic Very loud lullaby
Won best video in „Berlin rocks“
competition by Condor
  The Robocop Kraus You don´t have to shout Epitaph Records  
  Sunset Strippers
Falling Stars SonyBMG UK  
  Groove Coverage Holy Virgin Universal Germany  
  Nathalie Nordness Cars&Boys EMI Norway  
  DJ Sammy Rise again Universal Germany  
  Pate no.1 Always Vibestar Records  
  Vanessa S. One Single Tear SonyBMG Germany  
  Nicole da Silva Shoeshine Boy Polydor Germany  
  Beatbetrieb Wenn Du es so willst Polydor Germany  
  Danacee Tainted Love Polydor Germany  
  Eve Kay I am WEA  
  Ayak I dont ming Polydor Germany  
  Phillie MC Verrecke DefJam Germany  
  Flash&Gordon Frauen in Autos Motor Music  
  Yamboo Pata Pata WEA  
  Paffendorf Be Cool EDEL Records  
  Persil "Trash" DDB Berlin  
  Labello "A Labello's life" Neteye  
  Canvasco "unikatismus"  
  VW Navi „Mahmut", „Schuhplattler", „Tecktronik" DDB Berlin  
  ARD/ZDF „Digital“ Ogilvy&Mather  
  AKJS „Vater“, „Mutter“, „Schule“, „Obdachloser“ kakoii  
  Klicksafe „Neugierig“, „Toter Junge“ Ogilvy&Mather  
  Vybemobile „Pool“ Plantage  
  TicTac „Kuss“, „Vorstand“, „Leer“, „Party“, „Xmas“, „Praktikant“, „Monteur“, „Kollegen“ Heimat  
  TicTac „Kuss layout“ Heimat „Self-service“ Spec  
  D&G sunglasses „Fridge“ Spec  
  Thames Water
„Carwash“ Spec  
  „Heiners Mondfahrt“ Short 05min35 Berlin36  
  tv international (excerpt)
  „Mission Mode“ Series, Germany, 36min
  "Bis zum ersten Gast" Series, Germany, 36min
  Mary McCartney
„From where I stand“
Portray, London, 04min30
  Manfred P. Klage
Portray, Stuttgart, 5min
  Ruth Flowers
„DJ Mamy Rock“
Portray, Florence, 5min
  "Mythos Bauhaus" Series, Germany, 32min
  Pete Doig
Portray, Frankfurt, 04min DW-World/euromaxx  
  David Hockney
Portray, Stuttgart, 04min10
  „Breimann&Bruun –
Landscape Architects“
Portray, Hamburg, 03min45 DW-World/euromaxx  
  „Breimann&Bruun –
Landscape Architects“
Portray, Hamburg, 03min45 DW-World/euromaxx  
  Marcel van Eeden –
The story of Mr. Wiegand
Portray, Den Haag, 03min50 DW-World/euromaxx  
  Axel Vervoordt –
The art of Collecting
Portray, Antwerpen, 04min10 DW-World/euromaxx  
  Acne Jeans
Portray, Stockholm, 04min20 DW-World/euromaxx  
  Terry de Gunzburg –
Haute Couture in Makeup
Portray, Paris, 03min50 DW-World/euromaxx  
  Aquscutum –
Reinvention of a BritishClassic
Portray, London, 04:10 DW-World/euromaxx  
  Miklos Gaál –
The Helsinki School
Portray, Helsinki, 04min20 DW-World/euromaxx  
  Rachel Mount –
Surreal Cake Design
Portray, London, 03min50 DW-World/euromaxx  
  Frederic Malle –
Editions de parfums
Portray, Paris, 04min00 DW-World/euromaxx  
  Clemens en August –
Fashion on the move
Portray, Munich, 04min15
Nominated for best piece on fashion
in German TV 2006
  tv national (excerpt)
  Jansen&Kowalski –
Bundesvision Songcontest
Trailer Universal Germany